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The employer should consult such employees and observe their work operations to identify essential job functions, since the tasks actually performed provide significant evidence of these functions.

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played out in Calgary on Wednesday, when Jerylle was not only present to celebrate his fifth birthday,

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Gordon and Eta told us why we should consider chartering in the Adriatic, illustrating with photos from some of their trips.

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Annual PSA testing has reduced prostate cancer mortality rates by 40 percent.

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A 12-week course has a 100% cure rate and minimal side-effects without the need to be administered with ribavirin or interferon

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will ensure that it is a unique facility In contrast to the European XFEL, particular attention will

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Furthermore, Medigap premiums increase with agein most States

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It is important to describe for the patient and the family members the difference between constant pain and incident pain syndromes

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We had a great experience with Wee Travel and it made our trip so much easier We were traveling to Vancouver with our two children who are both under 2 years old during the holiday season

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Non-smokers wanted to be assured they could still socialize with their smoking colleagues during breaks

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